About Info Hub

An online library, full of positive news, created by our community.

Tired of reading the same old news and feeling overwhelmed by what’s happening in the world? Or perhaps you’ve come across an article or video that’s helped or inspired you, that you would like to share with others. 

Each time you share a piece of info with us you are helping to create a library of resources that will empower us to learn and grow together, as a community. 

Check out some of the main categories in our Info Hub:

Got some questions about the Info Hub?

1) What is the purpose of the Info Hub?


The purpose of the Info Hub is to provide a platform where our community can share and find reliable info that is helpful, inspiring and relevant. We want people to find resources, easily and in one place, that will empower them to make more positive decisions in their every day lives.

2) What content can be found on the info hub?


The Info Hub contains anything from articles and videos to PDF's and links to inspirational social media accounts that align with our Ethos. All of the content falls under our five focus areas: Nature, Inclusion, Wellbeing, Learning & Enterprise or under 'Social Media' or 'General' with lots of sections under each of these headings such as, Gardening, Cooking, Waste, Art, Local News and more.

3) How can I contribute to the Info Hub?


All of our resources in the Info Hub are accessible to view by non-members and Members, however only Members are able to contribute info. If you are a Member and would like to add something to the Info Hub you simply click on the 'Submit Info' option in the main navigation menu and fill out the short form. Our team will review the info, check that it comes from a credible source and then add it to the hub.

4) Can I give feedback or comment on various articles or other info?


Yes, if you are a Member you will be able to directly comment under each article or resource or add to an existing conversation about it. We ask that, while you are feel free to express your opinions about the content, you refrain from harmful or negative feedback. 

5) How much of the Info Hub area can Members & non-members access?


Our Info Hub section includes: 


  • About Info Hub: information about how we gather and group the resources that we share
  • View Info Hub: a place to browse through all of our resources, based on categories and sub-categories
  • Submit Info: a form to fill out if you would like to add some info to the hub

If you are a Member you can: 


  • View all of the above pages
  • View and comment on individual info pages
  • Submit info to be added to the hub

If you are a non-member you: 


  • Can view the About page
  • Can view all of the individual info pages, but cannot leave comments
  • Cannot submit info to the hub

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