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Re Place: The Place to Re.

Re Place is the latest addition to the humming little village of Summer Hill, in Sydney’s Inner West.

Our space is dedicated to all things ‘Re’: rethought, reduced, reused, repaired, repurposed and recycled.

We hold sustainable markets, waste collection events for the community, workshops, talks and other special events. If you’ve ever thought about Replacing some of your daily choices with more sustainable ones, and don’t know where to start, then this truly is the Place to Re.

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Become a stall holder

Are you a sustainable business wanting to sell your products or promote your services? If you fall under at least one of our 'Re' categories we would love to have you join us at our next market.

Volunteer at a working bee

We still have plenty of work to do to get the space ready for our first event in October. We would love your help with painting, building, assembling furniture and other handy work.

What is your reason to Re?

Rethink - Envision new ways to live sustainably


Get informed about how to make more sustainable choices in your daily life. Take the time to consider some of the different ways you can make small but conscious changes instead of relying on recycling as your first or only option to be sustainable.


Reduce - Buy less, waste less, own less


Reduce your food waste by buying from bulk stores, the amount of general waste you create by buying products in recyclable or reusable packaging and the amount of things you own by buying less and opting to borrow and share instead.


Reuse - Choose reuse over single use


Buy products that you can reuse multiple times instead of single-use products. If you have things that you don't need anymore see if you know someone who may have a use for them. Borrow and share so that everyone can reuse the same items.


Repair - Don't ditch it, fix it


When something gets broken or damaged try to fix it, rather than throw it out. If you don't know how, there are plenty of 'how to' videos online, repair workshops in your local area and individuals and groups who have the knowledge and expertise you need.


Repurpose - Make something new from something old


If something is damaged beyond repair, maybe you or someone you know can repurpose it. You can give old things new life by slightly modifying them, pulling them apart to create something new or donating them to an artist or maker who needs materials to work with.


Recycle - Find better ways to divert your waste


Work out the main types of waste your household creates and find the best way to recycle them. Go online to find organisations in your area who will collect the waste that cannot be placed in your council bin and who are committed to recycling it responsibly.


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