A little bit about our five focus areas:

Celebrating our shared humanity by encouraging our community to connect in meaningful and positive ways.
Empowering people to make sustainable choices by showcasing best practice and providing resources.
Creating healthy and happy communities by encouraging people to cultivate deeper connections.
Enabling people to expand their skills by providing spaces that inspire an open exchange of knowledge and ideas.
Supporting businesses to balance people, planet and profit by facilitating strong connections and creative solutions.

A mass collaboration for good

The Village Project is inspired by the belief that a community has the power to effect change globally if they simply have access to the right resources locally. That’s our goal – to make these resources readily available, in one space, so that each person can be empowered to make more positive decisions for themselves, others and the planet, in their every day lives.

Under one roof, and online, small businesses, service providers, creatives, educators, social enterprises, not-for-profits and community members will be able to come together to be part of a mass collaboration for good.

Once the building is open you will know that, as a customer, every dollar you spend in that space, will go towards creating some kind of positive social or environmental impact. 

Co-operative by nature, co-operative in name

The Village Project is a co-operative and a not-for-profit. A co-op is similar to a company in that it has a Board of Directors and a CEO or Manager but instead of shareholders, co-ops have Members who pay a fee to be part of the co-op and who each get equal voting rights. Co-ops are owned and operated by their Members and are created for the benefit of their Members.

We are a non-distributing co-op, which means that any profits at the end of the financial year are put back into fulfilling the mission of the co-op. We also have an added clause in our constitution which states we can give a percentage to an organisation who are making a positive impact.

The co-operative model was chosen because of its democratic structure and to ensure that The Village Project will always remain community-owned.

Pretty inspiring stuff, huh? We'd say inspiring enough to come join us even.

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