To submit Info, simply fill out the form below. If you have questions or want to chat to one of our friendly team first, you can contact us here.

1) What kind of Info can I share?


Any Info you submit must fall under one of our five focus areas: 

  • Nature
  • Inclusion
  • Wellbeing
  • Learning
  • Enterprise

or (as much as we love to hate it!) can be a social media page that falls under our Ethos

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linked In

If you are not sure if your Info falls under any of these categories, submit it anyway and our team will review it and see what category it best falls under.

You can share almost any format including links to articles, videos, images or PDF's.  

2) Info Hub Terms & Conditions




The Village Project provides an online platform to facilitate an Info Hub, made up of information provided by Members who have been reviewed and approved by our Admin Team. The Info Hub refers to the area on our Digital Platform that facilitates the sharing of resources in the form of articles, links, images, videos and other media. The Info Hub is about collaboration, connection and learning and growing as a community. We ask that you keep this in mind when engaging with other Members.


When you join the Info Hub you are agreeing to be respectful and appreciative of other Members and the info they are sharing. In all transactions and communications Members are expected to act with fairness, friendliness and mutual respect. Under no circumstances are Members to ask or offer money to other Members for information or resources.



1) When submitting information to the Info Hub Members must abide by the following:

a) No false or misleading information must be shared. Information must be factual to the best of your ability and must not be inflammatory or offensive.

b) No information that others might find offensive or derogatory is to be shared. The purpose of the information expressed on the Info Hub is to help, inspire and inform.

c) Information submitted must be in the Members own words, and correct citing or links to original pieces must be clear if the information is based on another authors work.

d) Information must be gathered from reliable sources and not from those that may be biased or paid to be written for a business or cause.


2) When commenting on a piece of information in the Info Hub or a page, Members must abide by the following:

a) Members must not use offensive language or make offensive comments. All comments must be written with kindness and respect.

b) Disagreements must be constructive and helpful, language that might anger or upset the author, or the Member who submitted it, must not be used.

c) The Village Project Digital Platform is a public platform and, while non-members cannot comment on info or pages themselves, they can see all comments made.  Remember: anything that is said is available for all to see. If you wouldn't want someone reading a comment you have made - simple - don't make it.


3) The Village Project will endeavour to: 

a) Ensure that the Digital Platform is working to the best of its ability at all times.

b) When informed of a problem, fix or eradicate the problem in as timely a manner as possible.

c) Provide a safe space for learning and sharing and will take all complaints seriously.

d) Have the Admin Team and Moderators read and review each pieces of information that has been submitted before final publishing on the Digital Platform.

e) Make the best of efforts to make sure that sources are credible, however bears no responsibility for complete accuracy, even if it meets the ethos of TVP.


4) While the Info Hub is meant to provide information and resources that fall under The Village Project's Ethos and Focus Areas, the  information shared will not necessarily represent the opinions, personal beliefs, values or ethos of The Village Project, its Members, partners or affiliated entities.

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