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Help us reach our goal of $40,000 to officially secure the building

Donate to The Village Project and be part of building the foundations of a vibrant community hub,  green building and ethical business precinct in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West.

For the past three years our team of 30+ volunteers have worked tirelessly towards the goal of opening the building, despite setbacks and delays due to the pandemic.

We are so close – but we have one more bridge to build. To officially secure the building we need the support of our community to tell us how much they want this too and help us reach our $40K goal.

This is an opportunity for our community to create a space that celebrates our shared humanity, enables us to come together in new ways and empowers us to make more positive decisions for ourselves, others and the planet. 

Every dollar counts, so whether you can give $5, $50 or $500, you will be playing an essential part in seeing the building being opened in 2023.

Together we can make this happen! 

Please note, The Village Project is a not-for-profit but does not have DGR status which means donations are not tax deductible.
If we don’t reach our goal of $40,000 we will email all of our donors and give them two options:
1) To have their donation refunded to them, which we are very happy to do
2) To have their donation used for another area of The Village Project, which we will specify at the time.
We are a registered not-for-profit and co-operative and have strict protocols to adhere to. All of our donation and grant money is kept in a separate bank account and ear marked on our balance sheet for their specific intended purposes, as promised to our donors and grant providers. We have an easy refund process should we need to refund donations.

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A huge thank you to all who have donated!

Business donors:

Auroraz Soulful Gifts

Return Studios

Smith Street Traders

Vicki Meintjes Sweetmaker

Create Media Access

Earthbeats Music

Sue's Healing Haven

Rolling Media Productions

Local Nerd

Ashdown & Bee

Tobhiyah Stone Feller

MAD Wholefoods

Summer Hill Village Fruit Shop

Individual donors:

Marnie F.

Roz P.

Megan S.

Beatrice W.

Mathew H.

Jena C.

Alice H.



Ellen T.

Helen C.

Andy K.

Maevasoa D.


John H.


Tom E.

John E.

Margaret D.

Thomas P.


Jilly L.

Jan G.

Anna K.


Caroline B.

Karen F.

Richard B.

Antonia R.


Alex C.

Gillian & Clare

Melanie H.

Danny S.


Kim T.

Reeti. P


Anne M.

Gemma G.

Harshad P.

Brigid V.

Robert F.

Rachel P.



Suzi C

Andrew C.

Luned P.

Debbie Z.

Steve C.

Alexis K.

Emma C



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