About Events

Events held for the community, by the community.

Our Events have a bit of a twist! Whilst we love holding community Events (and will continue to do so) most of our Events are held by our Members. Events are one of the ways that Members can contribute to our Share Economy, which means, as a Member, you have access to free Events in your local area or online, or you can even choose to hold one yourself! 

If you’re not a Member, you’ll still be able to attend some Events – some for free but most for a fee. (Or you could become a Member now and join us for some free Events too!) 


So, what kinds of Events are on offer? Here are just a few examples:

Waste Collection

At our community collection days, we divert all kinds of waste from landfill, including textiles, glass and electronics.


Join a swap meet where members can swap clothes, toys, crops and plants, groceries, household stuff, books and more.

Arts & Culture

Attend a film screening, some live theatre, an online talk, an art class, photography lessons or a design workshop.


Attend a meditation session or cooking class, learn how to do a new sport, or connect with a mental health support group.


Come along to an Event where you can connect with other locals and have a voice about the things that matter to our community.

You've got questions? We've got answers!

1) Who can attend Events?


Members can attend all  Events. If you are not a Member, you will be able to view all the Events on the calendar, but will only be able to attend some. Each Event will have a label on it to make it clear  if the Event is Members-only or open to the non-members.

2) Who can host an Event?


Most of our Events are hosted by our Members, which is what makes them so varied and fun. So our Members don't have to do ALL the heavy lifting, The Village Project handles the entire Events Calendar and booking system, as well as holds Events too.

If you would like to host an event, you can do so by filling out a simple form here.

3) Why are Events free for Members?


When you become a Member of The Village Project you are asked to share or contribute at least one thing with your fellow Members. One of the ways you can contribute is by hosting a regular Event which, like the Skills, Services and Stuff in our Share Economy, are all offered to other Members for free.

So, because our Members are all actively sharing with one another, they get the benefit of attending Events for free. Some Events open to the non-members may also be free, though some will have a fee for running costs.

4) How do I register for an Event?


To register for an Event head over to our Calendar, where you can view all of our Events, click on one that interests you and open it up to find more details, including ticket registration.

5) How much of the Events area can Members and non-members access?


Our Events section includes: 


  • About Events: a page of info about the types of Events we and our Members hold
  • View Events: a place to view and register for Events
  • Submit an Event: a form to fill out if you would like to hold an Event

If you are a Member you can:


  • View all of the above pages
  • Register for free for all Events
  • View the Submit Events page and fill out the form if you have a idea for an Event

If you are a non-member you: 


  • Can view the About Events page
  • Can view our calendar of Events
  • Can register for some, but not all, Events
  • Cannot submit or host an Event

"Our team is united by our sense of community and together there is a strong sense of belonging. I want to see The Village Project become a hub for all people to feel safe and to feel they belong - a lounge room within our community where people can connect."

Kelly Gatt - Volunteer

Ready to attend free & fun Events?

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